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Need a complete service that includes both packing and moving? Our guys will bring professional packing materials and make sure everything is packed properly. Request a quote today to learn more about our packing options!

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Packers and Movers Irvine, Orange County

Focus on what really matters, and let us handle all of your moving needs. In addition to regular furniture disassembly and protection, New House Movers offers quality packing services. Our guys know how to keep your belongings safe during your move. They pack over 40,000 boxes a year! 
Save yourself valuable time by taking advantage of our packing services. Our experts can pack and move your belongings within one day. We also provide professional packing materials, so forget the long trips to Home Depot or U-Haul for boxes. The best part is that our materials are much more durable than those you'll find at retail. We sell three sizes of boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, TV boxes, and more.

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