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Looking for a reliable, professional team to move your furniture? We'll make sure all of your furniture is disassembled with professional tools, protected with moving pads, and shrink-wrapped before the move begins. At the new location, we will unwrap and reassemble all your furniture.

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Furniture Rebinding Irvine, Orange County

Unlike the other household goods, furniture pieces are quite noticeable. You cannot wrap them up in a box. These are to be wrapped and tied nicely when moving the one place to another. Furniture re-binding is no easy task unless you have professional experts to help you with.

New House Movers has been providing furniture re-binding services for many years. We understand the fact that the sentimental value everyone has over their antique furniture pieces. Therefore, we are extra careful when it comes to picking and delivering furniture to the specified location. Make your moving day worthwhile and memorable by hiring us.